Like the moment when the flowers know the time to bloom
Like the moment when the birds catch the winds and sing us that there is no limit in the sky
Like the moment when a breeze plays with the lights in laps and ruffles
Like the moment when rising Sun or Moon creats a shine road on the surface of lake water
Like the moment when we know who we are in the mirage of misty lake


No matter what happened in our life,

We  believe that music makes our life so delicious and colorful

with full of pure joy and happiness.                                                      WANICO Mar/01/2016


Welcome to Wanimusic,

where we believe that life and music should be just like the calming lapping of the waves on the shore at the lake: pure, simple, beautiful, and creating joy and happiness within those who get to witness the water and what it can do.

We also believe that music can evoke the feelings of being at the lake, and can make you feel like you’re always there, taking in the beautiful scenery, and the bright rays of sunshine glistening off the water’s surface.


We are a digital music label, founded by Wanico, the

Japanese DJ and renowned music producer. We aim to bring the feeling of being at the lake to your ears. 

We’ll give you updates every week of great music that fits the lake lifestyle that we all crave, the organic, deep, experimental music that will make you feel the way you can only feel when you’re in a satisfied and truly happy place. 

The music that we believe in is chill, down tempo, relaxed electronic music that will reflect on your soul the way that the moon reflects off the lake. It will make you feel at peace like the birds in the sky, and put you in a satisfied, content place in your own life.

Leave the rush, panic, and pressure of the city behind. Head to the lake, sit back, chill out, and take in the great sounds that we’ll send you every week from Wanimusic.