Experimental Music Laboratory

founded by Wanico and Dr.WANIPAPA

Experimental Music Lab.

Live Performance, Interactive Digital Projection,

and Development of Original  Synthsizer, WANICORON



Artist Wanico is well known for her work as a composer and experimental sound artist. The WANICORZ project extends her practice beyond the listening ear, into the world of digital media and visual arts. The project presents multimedia events around themes of identity from a contemporary Japanese perspective. Wanico is a central focus of the works, her embodied performance an integral component.
One recent work, titled Live Of aliVE, combines digital imagery, gesture controlled sound, and live performance into a durational gallery installation. It features multi-layered videos including: the artist’s mother undergoing heart surgery with a balloon catheter dilation in process; the spinal cord after diagnostic injection of radiopaque dye; and the artist’s childhood with her mother. Wanico is present in the center of the video projections, actively generating the audio elements. She plays a synthesizer of her own creation, a WANICORON. Live Of aliVE joins the process of a mother's rebirth with the artist’s ongoing identity formation. It focuses on mysteries of corporeal self, while moving beyond that literal construct.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.